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Caregiver Training Center - a leading provider of DHS approved caregiver training.

About Caregiver Training Center 


In late 2015 Scott Langer, owner of Caregiver Training Center found a need for a more local Training Center. In the last few months of 2015 Scott sent some of his current employees to the train-the-trainer courses to be certified in DHS approved Caregiver training. At the beginning of 2016 he had all of the intructors he needed to turn this from an idea into a reality.  


A space to hold the training was the last piece that needed to be placed in order to make the center ready to open it's doors. So in March 2016 that's exactly what Scott did. A building in downtown Neshkoro was up for sale that was the perfect space for the CTC as well as one of Scott's other businesses Medvan Transport. Now that the building has been purchased, Medvan Transport is located in the back 1/3rd of the building, with CTC in the front 1/3 of the building. The middle 1/3 houses Neshkoro Tanning's tanning bed, as well as storage and maintenance. The space is perfect for what he needed. 


As of May 2016 everything was set, building was purchased and furnished, instructors were trained, and the CTC is officially open for business! 

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